The Role of Bawaslu Public Relations as a Source of Information


Public relations which is also familiarly known as public relations today is an inseparable part of an institution, company or organization that is oriented towards public service (public service).

One definition of public relations is according to Denny Griswold in the book Hand Book of PR by Elvinaro Ardianto (2011: 9) "Public Relations is a Management Function that evaluates the public, introduces various policies and procedures from an individual or organization based on the public interest, and makes planning, as well as implementing a work program in an effort to gain understanding and public recognition. " 

As the application of public relations at the Bawaslu institution, it is of particular concern to apply public relations in practice. In the Bawaslu institution, the role of Bawaslu Public Relations as a liaison between Bawaslu and the public or the public is very beneficial for publishing information to the public about the performance of Bawaslu in planning election supervision by preparing regulations as guidelines for conducting election supervision, information on the implementation of election supervision and the results of supervision of supervised election stages.

How to manage Bawaslu public relations of course requires a PR team who has expertise in public relations practice. To support the implementation of the duties, functions and roles of Bawaslu's public relations in the process of communicating with the public so that Bawaslu gets adequate publicity (favorable) so that a positive image is built, Bawaslu public relations practitioners need to have the ability and skills in writing and public relations presentations

Writing is part of the main task and functions and skills that practitioners or staff of public relations (PR) or Public Relations (PR) must have.

Public relations must be skilled at writing or scripts needed for the benefit of positive image and popularity of the company or organization known asPR writing.

Technically, PR skills in terms of writing are the same as writing skills possessed by journalists (journalists) even though PR and journalists are very different.

In connection with the function of media relations and promotional media, information, and communication of the Bawaslu Lembga of South Buton Regency, the PR team writes news manuscripts, features, or articles to be published in Bawaslu's internal media, namely the Bawaslu Bulletin.

In today's online world, with the existence of the internet, Public Relations also carries out the function of website management, especially in content writing (content writing / editor), as well as writing status updates and interactions with the public on the official social media accounts of Bawaslu South Buton Regency.

In connection with the current covid-19 pandemic, Bawaslu public relations also disseminate information to break the covid-19 transmission chain, for example by campaigning for the use of masks, publishing a work from home work system, implementing health protocols and other things to carry out Bawaslu public relations tasks during the Covid pandemic. -19.

In the Bawaslu Institute, the application of public relations is also explained by the presence of PPID (Information and Documentation Management Officer) which is also closely related to the public relations function, as well as Bawaslu South Buton Regency who accepts hierarchical responsibility from Bawaslu of the Republic of Indonesia to optimize PPID in the Bawaslu environment of South Buton Regency.

It is hoped that Bawaslu public relations can build a positive image of Bawaslu institutions as well as public relations functions in general, and for Public Relations Bawaslu South Buton Regency has carried out its duties and functions in accordance with the criteria of public relations.


Author: La Ode Asmanang (Bawaslu Staff & Communication Science Study Program Student, Muhammadiyah University of Buton)